Shanghai Haoyue Technology Co., Ltd.

Office Add: No. Building B2, 7301 Jiasong North Road, Jiading District, Shanghai,China
Factory Add: No.8 Hengshan Road, Development Zone Lu'an City, Anhui
Tel : +86 21 5109 5281


Requirements of Distributors


HAOYUE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heat treatment equipment, providing high quality heat treatment equipment at the most competitive price. We welcome all international distributors to join us and resell our equipment worldwide.


As an international distributor of HAOYUE, you should meet the following conditions:

1. Companies that must have experience in the same field and intend to serve the same segment.

2. Must be able to provide services, such as pre-sale and after-sales support, technical support, maintenance, customer service, etc.

3. There must be a company website to sell related products, and HAOYUE products must be listed on your website.

4. Must have the knowledge and ability to deal with international import.

5. There must be space to display the main HAOYUE products (exhibition hall) in the representative area.

6. Must be able to prepare electronic catalogues and quotations without guidance.


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